Pros and Cons of Installing a Whole House Water Filter

Pros and Cons of Installing a Whole House Water Filter

Perhaps you have heard or read that the water from the domestic water supply is not as refreshing and free as you imagined. At this point, you will need the right whole house water filter to ensure water sanitation. One of the problems you encounter when you decide to buy one of these products is that there are many different versions available on the market. Therefore, read the following pros and cons of installing a whole house water filter.



Clean Water

The apparent main advantage is that they can provide clean water throughout your home through a single filter device. It is ideal for large houses with many bathrooms, showers, or sinks. You might think you don’t want to get filtered water from the shower or bathtub; however, studies have shown that compounds commonly found in water, such as chlorine, probably enter the body faster than steam from the shower than from the bathtub.

Practical Installation

Another obvious advantage is you only need one extensive filtration system and not several types of filtration systems. Using a filter in a central location has cost advantages and is the most obvious choice for the entire property’s water supply. Even if you may want to change a whole house system’s cleaning filter, changing a filter in each room suddenly becomes much more expensive. For this reason, the purchase price of a basic system immediately follows the independently installed systems.


Initial Installation Cost

The most important is the installation effort, which should be done by a professional craftsman if possible. Even if it is a one-time fee, it will probably amount to more than a few hundred dollars. You can try to compare if you have the skills, but you must be able to sew the weld and then adjust the unit securely to make sure there are no leaks. Buying the filter, along with an assembly service, is your best advice and will still allow you to minimize stress and costs.

Unexpected Cost

The cost is an essential factor and will initially be offset by a water filtration system’s higher price for an entire house. However, it is good to consider the benefits you will receive. Compared to several units requiring special maintenance, a filtration system is likely to be successful over time. If you extrapolate the cost over time, the whole house filter will probably work more cost-effectively because maintenance rates are reduced. Generally, water filters throughout the house will likely require replacing the composite filter every ten years or more (depending on the model). Compare it with this type of filter counter installed in any area where filters need to be changed every three months, and the cost (and inconvenience) of the gains are evident. Filters in any single room can grow to over 400 per year if changed at the proposed time. If you have installed filters in your bathroom, you will have to change them excessively, which may cause additional expenses.…