Proper planning of a good picnic experience can help the day’s purpose feel achieved and satisfactory. However, improper preparations can bum someone’s day and make it unpleasing and distressful. To avoid this, the following are some of the ways you can follow to make the best experience out of a picnic.

How to prepare for a good picnic

Choose the perfect picnic spot

The best picnic spot should be of a flat surface and unobstructed and allows for public gatherings such as parks, rooftops, beaches, and ranches. The environment must be deemed safe and doesn’t endanger wildlife. It must be able to cater for the weather at the moment, have shade for hot days and clearings to enable basking for chilly days.

Inform your picnic buddies

Inform your picnic buddies of the date, place and time the picnic will be held to ensure the most out of the picnic is achieved.

Choose the proper food

For a picnic, food matters. The whole idea of the picnic is the food that is to be shared amongst the ones you’ll be out with. Avoid foods that require sauces or soups to avoid a soggy scenario. Dry foods are the best to pack, and those that need to use forks to be eaten with or handheld foods.

For appetizers, nuts are better to use than chips which are more likely to get crushed, pack them in little paper bags to avoid messes. All foods that require being chopped should be done at home to avoid caring more clutter plus doing more work at the picnic site.

Good containers are essential

One should use environmental friendly containers to use outside such as tins and baking dishes that are lightweight bowls. Paper plates, throwaway containers, and plastic bags are discouraged to use as they easy to litter the environment


Good packing is a necessity. Picnic baskets, ice coolers, and a canvas bag are best to use. The picnic baskets and the canvas bag can be used to pack foods that need to be stored at room temperatures while the ice coolers or ice chest can be used to pack for cold foods and drinks.

Picnic Blankets and paper napkins are to be carried. For those who are uncomfortable to sit on the ground, they could carry portable folding chairs and tables.

Dress up for the occasion

Its best practice to wear comfortably for outdoor activity. If it is a hot day, wear loose, free clothing and if it is a cold and windy day wear warm, comfortable clothing. One can also use insect repellant and sunscreens.