Features You Should Look Into When Selecting a Humidor

Humidors come in various styles and fashions. You can select a humidor by checking using trays, and high gloss finish. There are many different types of crown humidors to pick from, and you have to be aware of the fundamentals to make certain that you’re obtaining the right one. Here are features you should look into when selecting a humidor.cigars


You wish to start off using a humidor that’s at least 50% bigger than you feel because you will begin to save cigars. Therefore it’s far better to plan for the future as early as possible. Bear in mind; you can place cigars at a bigger humidor. However, you can not put more in a small-sized one.

It would be best if you were certain that as soon as the humidor’s lid shut, it creates a pleasant sound when it closes. If you can not see or touch the humidor, it’s very important to ask the owner if they with a whoosh.

Style and Design

Ensure your selection of humidor matches your style. There isn’t too much to mention when it comes to design, and I believe it is more personal preference. You will not buy it if you do not enjoy it; it does not matter how well it functions.


Make sure that the humidor is of fantastic quality. Next, you will all need a nice-looking storage container. Cost does not dictate quality. I’ve observed humidors costing tens of thousands of dollars made of poor material. December 2003, ten or so humidors were reviewed by Cigar Afficionado Magazine. The majority of these were boxes costing yes, tens of thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. The humidors received a rating of C- which is quite sad considering their cost. So the cost is not the deciding factor. Ensure that the hinges are great, the joinery makes certain it includes a guarantee or warranty.